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Dear Soon-to-Be Lottery WINNER,

Yes, it’s true. You really can tap any lottery in the world like your own, personal “money keg”.

Think I’m kidding? Take a look at these …

And these ...


These are actual winning lottery tickets submitted by one of my clients. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Here’s the bottom line ...

If you’ve always dreamed of WINNING lottery cash and changing your life ...

If you’ve wondered why others consistently win the lottery, and you don’t ...

If you’re sick and tired of counting on luck, birthdays, ages, and other “lucky number” schemes that never work ...

If you’re through with methods that make you do all the work, and don’t win you squat ...

... Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.  Why?

Because for around 12 cents a day, (yes, I said twelve measly cents) I’m going to give you the keys to winning tens … hundreds … even THOUSANDS of dollars in lottery cash — every day.

I know what you’re probably thinking ... “Yeah right. I can’t even get a cup of hot water for 12 cents.” Which is exactly what makes what I’m about to share with you so incredible.

Not just because I say so. But because I GUARANTEE this can help you turn $12 Into $1,000 or more in Lottery Cash Wins … over and over again! In fact …

In about 2 minutes, you can have immediate access to your own, personal
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All you have to do is be one of the first 373 people who and spell out your full name and address.  Soon you can start winning more lottery money, more often, than you ever dreamed possible.


Using my computer and my sophisticated Adaptive Numerological Algorithm (more about this in a moment), I will do all the work and calculate your exclusive, personal, daily Lotto-Win Numbers ... and GIVE them to you instantly so you could start winning lottery cash right away. 

You get the exact numbers that can make you a big cash winner in any lottery, including Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, Pick-6, Powerball or the Mega Lotto games ... starting TODAY!

And I’ll continue to provide a new set of your freshly calculated personal numbers to you every morning.

You simply play the exact numbers I give you ... and prepare for a flood of lottery cash winnings.

I promise this is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Nobody else can give you these numbers from the amazing lottery-winning method I personally created.

And here’s the best part ...

I GUARANTEE you can win more -- and more often -- than you ever thought possible!

I’ll tell you exactly how to get your own numbers risk-FREE in just a moment, but first I want you to understand why ...

Everything you think you know about winning lotteries is WRONG

My name is Desiree Bonheur. I’m a mathematician by training, but definitely not your typical geek. In fact, you’ve probably seen me on TV or in magazines. 

Why would a mathematician be in the media? 3 very good reasons:

Because I’ve chosen to focus my math skills on mastering the amazing … and very lucrative … “math” behind lotteries ... 

Because I use my natural numerical instincts, plus my advanced mathematical training to make an amazing income from consistently winning lottery cash ...

And because I practically GIVE my winning secrets away to deserving people like you!

Of course, it all sounds so simple now. But, believe it or not, I almost gave up.

It all started after I read about the MILLIONS of lottery dollars given away every single week. My mathematical mind was drooling over the possibilities.

Like you, I knew there had to be a “secret” to beating the lottery. And since I knew every trick in the math book, I knew I’d find it.

So I started compiling data and running my complex formulas. I figured I could predict winning lottery numbers by studying past games ... analyzing numbers picked and not picked ... using probability studies ... harnessing wheel systems ... betting systems ... you name it.

I worked at it day and night for 3 straight weeks. But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t break the lottery code. I just couldn’t figure out why some people seemed to always win, and others didn’t. 

I was so frustrated that I actually gave up for a while.

Fortunately, my love of numbers led me to an in-depth study of the ancient metaphysical science of numbers. This science theorizes that everyone has a natural connection with the universe based on the numbers of our name and birth date. 

Most importantly -- and here’s where the alarms in my head started SCREAMING -- this science teaches that we can bring ourselves goodness and prosperity simply by using our numbers in conjunction with opportunities of each new day.

I knew I was on to something BIG. So, I jumped head first back into my lottery analyses.

Only this time, I not only studied the winning numbers, but using this ancient science of personal numbers, I studied the PEOPLE who won. 

And suddenly, everything came together like long-lost lovers!

The secret to winning lotteries over and over again revealed!

I dug out my mathematical formulas of winning numbers, and spent another 3 weeks factoring in the personal numbers of the individual winners. 

I already knew that complex mathematical probabilities, alone, did NOT make people winners. And I discovered that even personal numbers, alone, did NOT make people winners. 

What cracked the secret to consistent lottery wins WIDE OPEN is when I discovered that ...

People who win lotteries are -- totally by chance -- playing a precise combination of their metaphysical personal numbers PLUS the mathematically calculated probable winning numbers.

One or the other alone DOES NOT WORK. But combining the two powerful sciences -- in a way that only a computer program can -- you get numbers that can make you filthy, stinking rich.

It’s like having an unfair advantage

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. 

–    Metaphysical science teaches that the universe “assigns” you personal numbers every day that are totally unique for you based on your name and birth date

–    Using computers and sophisticated mathematical analysis, I can determine the exact numbers that are more or less likely to be drawn on any given day

By combining these two sciences, you get the perfect combination of numbers for maximum potential cash wins!  I call them Lotto-Win Numbers.

And my Adaptive Numerological Algorithm is the ONLY system in the world proven to calculate your precise, individual Lotto-Win Numbers and deliver them to you every day.

You always have the exact numbers to play for each lottery game that can make winning hundreds or thousands of dollars from any lottery you want to play ... in any state or country ... as easy as pie.

Forget about “Luck” … Get scientific numbers guaranteed to win

My computer formula takes chance completely out of the picture for you. That means you can win more lottery money -- more often than you ever thought possible, and ...

Forget about picking numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, shoe sizes and all the other stuff that everyone uses. 

Stop counting on “lucky” numbers from every member of your family...

Get rid of lines and diagonals that look good on paper...

Stop the hopeless and tedious tracking and documenting every game ...

Quit drawing numbers from a hat...

Stop trying to conjure the winning numbers in your dreams at night...

You already know that stuff doesn’t work.  If it did, you’d be rolling in money right now.

Instead, just click here now

and let the combined power of metaphysical numbers and mathematics start the money pouring in! 

So easy, a child could do it

Look. I know the last thing you want to do is try and figure out another lottery system.

I know you don’t want to have to read, and study, and do all kinds of work, and jump through all kinds of hoops.

I know you don’t want to have to worry about making a costly mistake while your trying to figure out some complicated system that probably doesn’t work anyway.

That’s what just about everyone else expects you to do. But not me.

With my Lotto-Win Numbers service you don’t have to do any of that. There’s absolutely ...

-- NO software to buy or use

-- NO complicated formulas

-- NO books

-- NO DVDs

-- NO charts

-- NO math

-- NO tracking

-- NOT even a calculator!

I do all the work, all the calculations, all the analysis for you. And I deliver your personal numbers directly for you.

All you do is play your numbers at your local lottery agent to turn as little as $12 into $500 ... $800 ... $1,000.00 and more. Then sit back and ask yourself ...

How will YOU spend the money you could win THIS WEEK?

That’s right. When you

">go here now, you’ll get your personal numbers you can play ... and WIN with ... TODAY!

Soon, you could be on a first-name basis with the guys who hand out all that lottery cash! And that means soon, you could have money you never dreamed of to spend on everything you’ve always wanted, like ...

*         A new or bigger house …

*         Not one, but TWO or THREE new cars ...

*         Every toy and gadget imaginable…

*         Dream vacations on tropical islands…

*         Lobster, filet mignon, and fine wine whenever you want

*         Starting your own business...

*         Spending your days drinking beer, playing golf, or relaxing by the pool ...

It’s totally up to you!

Don’t take my word for it. 
Look at what other typical lotto-win clients are saying ...

This may be your ONLY chance to WIN lottery cash like crazy,
and secure your financial future for around 12 cents a day!

You’ve just read comments from real users. And you’ve seen how there is nothing anywhere that combines math and science to give you the results my Lotto-Win numbers can.

Most importantly, you’ve seen actual winning tickets showing how my Lotto-Win Numbers turned $2.50 into $600 ... and $12 into $1,000 and more.

So, it’s no surprise that I’ve had people offer to pay me as much as $2,500 for the right to use my system.

But I’m not asking anywhere near that much.

In fact, if you’re one of the first 373 people to sign up RIGHT NOW, TODAY, you will receive your first set of personal Lotto-Win Numbers in just seconds. And you’ll have a new set delivered for you every morning, 365 days a year ... for just $49. That’s less than 12 cents per day.

It’s instant and easy, and you can get started immediately. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4:00 in the morning - or any time or day of the week!

That means you can play TODAY ... and even WIN TODAY ... with no waiting, no shipping, no reading. Just click, print ... and WIN!

Why is this crazy price so incredibly low?

It’s hard for some people to understand how, or why, I would give away these Lotto-Win Numbers for practically nothing.

The simple answer is, it’s time for me to give back.

The system has blessed me with greater fortune than I’ll ever need. I’ve been retired from “working” for nearly a decade. Now I want to fill in my time by doing some good.

So don’t let the crazy low price fool you. Or make you skeptical.

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll win 5X ... 10X ... even 20X more often than you ever imagined ... that I back my Lotto-Win Numbers with a ...

100% “Win-or-Else” Money Back Guarantee

I promise you will be AMAZED and THRILLED with all the extra lottery money you win.  I promise you will hit more winning numbers than ever before.  I promise your whole life really can change!

And although I know 12 cents a day isn’t much money, I REFUSE to let you risk even that small amount. 

If at any time you are anything less than completely satisfied with your personal Lotto-Win Numbers, just tell me to forget the whole thing and I’ll give you an immediate 100% pro-rated refund of your fee.

You have absolutely ZERO risk.  Not just for 30 days or 60 days, or even 90 days … but for as long as you are my client!

WARNING: These Lotto-Win Numbers are guaranteed to help you win maximum lottery cash week-in and week-out ... but they are NOT for everybody

My Lotto-Win Numbers are guaranteed to work for ANYBODY. All you have to do is click here now

, and you can have your first set of exclusive, daily Lotto-Win Numbers computer-calculated and delivered right to you instantly. 

Starting TODAY, you could win so much lottery money, so often, your friends will be “DYING” to know your secrets.

But I must warn you. Not everyone is cut out for winning this much, this way.

Some people are not happy winning smaller jackpots over and over again. Some people expect to win the big, mega-jackpots every time.

You see, you’ll notice I’m NOT promising you will win mega jackpots. You definitely might, but that is NOT what your Lotto-Win Numbers are guaranteed to do. (In fact, speaking as a mathematician, if anyone guarantees they can win you the jackpot every time ... they’re either flat out lying... don’t understand the math.... or both.)

But, what I can promise you... based on years of winning ... is my Lotto-Win Numbers can help you win five, ten, even 20 times more often than just about everyone else. And all that winning adds up quick so you could ...

ü  Never worry about paying bills ever again

ü  Live anywhere you want to

ü  Buy everyone you love things they’ve always wished for

ü  Pay off your credit cards, your car loans, your mortgage ... and never think about debt again

ü  Furnish your home with the finest furniture, antiques, and decorations you only dreamed about

ü  Make overdue home repairs, add a new room, put in a hot tub, build a new deck...

ü  Or just buy a whole new house... your dream home

You must act now or you will lose out

Unless you’re already winning more money than you know what to do with, I urge you to try winning more than ever with my Lotto-Win Numbers service by clicking here right now...

Isn’t the chance to live your dreams in financial security worth 12 cents a day?  I know it is!

Remember, you can win more money in the next 4 weeks than most people will win in their entire lives.  You’ve got nothing to lose. 

But you must be one of the first 373 who click here and give it a try now.  I know you’ll thank me forever.

Yours For More Lottery Cash,

Desiree Bonheur
Desiree Bonheur

P.S.  You’re going to LOVE winning all the time!  You’re going to LOVE making your friends and family green with envy.  You’re going to LOVE having extra money bulging from your pockets.  But you can only get my proven, precise Lotto-Win Numbers delivered for you when you click here now

Stop dreaming and start winning. 

Every day you delay is a day you could be throwing away thousands of dollars.

to get your own computer-calculated Lotto-Win Numbers starting right now – today!



The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About
My Lotto-Win Numbers

1. How much work will I have to do?

None.  The beauty of my Lotto-Win Numbers is not only that they help you win so much more, more often, but I do all the work for you. There is literally nothing for you to do once you sign up. NO calculations, NO tracking, NO reading, NO wheels, NO patterns, NOTHING. You receive fresh, newly calculated numbers every day. You just take them to your lottery agent any day you want.

2. Can I win money from any lottery?

Yes, my Lotto-Win Numbers are personally tailored for you and will help you win more money, more often, from any Lotto games in any country. Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, Pick-6, Powerball or the Mega Lotto games ... it’s totally up to you!

3. Is there any extra cost after I sign up?

No. Zero. Nothing. You automatically get your personal Lotto-Win Numbers, already calculated and delivered to you every day.  Just buy your lotto tickets each game ... and prepare to WIN!

4. Do I have to spend a certain amount on lottery tickets?

You can spend as much or as little as you like. As you’ve seen, Lotto-Win Numbers can help you can turn as little as $2.50 into hundreds ... or thousands ... of dollars. 

5.  Is there any risk?

No risk at all. If at any time you are anything less than completely satisfied with your personal Lotto-Win Numbers, just tell me to forget the whole thing and I’ll give you an immediate 100% pro-rated refund of your fee.



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